Stimulating private sector engagement and investment in building disaster resilience and climate change adaptation : recommendations for public finance support

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Contiene: v. 1. Final report. 1, Introduction and approach. 2, Impacts, opportunities and barriers to enhanced action. 3, Summary of country findings. 4, Analysis of existing private sector engagement initiatives. 5, Consolidated findings. 6, How to transform the private sector response. 7, Implementation options -- v. 2. Country case studies. 1, Bangladesh. 2, Kenya. 3, Mozambique. 4, Pakistan. Appendix A, Definitions. Appendix B, Theory of change. Appendix C, List of documents used in literature review. Appendix D, Consultation notes. Appendix E, Resilience initiatives. Appendix F, Private sector development initiatives

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Martes, 1 Enero, 2013
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